Tips for Recovery From Knee Surgery

Young woman after an ACL surgery sitting on the couch and reading a book. There could be many reasons as to why you are having knee pain, but thankfully there are many ways to treat this pain. However, for some people, the last resort to get rid of pain may be total knee replacement surgery. Here is some information about knee replacement surgery and some tips for recovery.

Total knee replacement surgery

Knees are delicate, and there are many reasons for knee pain. One may have arthritis, damage from an injury, or even the wrong position because of bowed legs or another condition. Knee replacement surgery is a last resort and should be considered – if and when after all treatment options fail (i.e medication, lifestyle changes, and conservative Care), your level of pain is limiting you from performing simple daily tasks, or if your knee pain significantly hampers your ability to improve your quality of life. Total knee replacement surgery is performed to significantly reduce your pain, allow the knee to move smoothly once again and give you the ability to strengthen muscles so you can move better and feel better.

Recovery from surgery

Of course, you will be given many instructions for your knee surgery recovery, but here are some things to keep in mind:

• When you are recovering at home, let people help you. You will need help around the house with even the simplest of tasks — don’t over do it.

• If you have a walker or cane, use it until your doctor says you can stop. You might want to get rid of a walker because it makes you feel old, but if you stop using it too soon you might damage your knee all over again.

• Use ice and elevate the knee to keep the swelling down. If your knee becomes swollen, it can become painful, stiff, and difficult to move.

• Use gentle, continual movement to keep, improve, and prevent the joint from stiffening up. Doing so helps to keep the blood circulating and can also help to relieve pain.

• Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter for your recovery period!

If your knees are hurting more often than not, call Cynergy PT for help. There are many reasons why your knees might hurt, and physical therapy or other treatment from the experts at Cynergy PT may be able to help. Call for an appointment at one of the five locations in New York. Call (212) 974-7252 today!

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