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Cynergy PT is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 30 ratings.

This place is honestly the best! I have a back issue and was originally going somewhere else for PT, let me tell you Cynergy is above and beyond anywhere I have been. First of all, the place is clean and bright, with the most lovely AND helpful front desk staff around. Not even worth naming names because every single person working there is wonderful and makes you feel comfortable and welcome. I work with Alexis, who specializes in SI joint issues (my problem) and she is nothing short of amazing. I’ve been seeing her twice a week since April and went from not even being able to even hold a purse or stand for more than a few minutes without excruciating pain and stiffness, to getting back to a normal routine with little to no pain and almost being able to run again. Basically this place and it’s employees are the absolute best and I cannot recommend them enough!
Ariela Arnon

Mena is an awesome physical therapist. She is kind, sensitive, and holistically insightful, sharing her thoughts and information with you in a way that's encouraging and empowering. She has helped me solve my long-lasting issues with neck/shoulder tension and alignment, which is a great relief and very motivating - I'm now working on strength training! It's been a pleasure to work with her at Cynergy Cobble Hill, I highly recommend Mena and this physical therapy practice
Emily A., Cobble Hill

Absolutely love ADPT!! Whether providing training and/or rehab for the young up and comer, the high performing college and professional athletes or adults who competed many years ago, the workouts are strategically rooted and customized. Just as importantly, the performance therapists truly care about the well-being and development of each patient. Going to ADPT is one of the best decisions one can make. This is an elite location and service!!
Peter F., ADPT by Cynergy

I first came in 3 months post ACL reconstruction last year and I've been coming to ADPT for 10 months now. Within 10 months, I went from struggling to walk without crutches to jogging and doing plyometrics training now! Alvin, my PT, truly cares about my goals and has been very transparent about the different stages of recovery and milestones that I have to achieve before returning to sports. This really helps me focus on small goals and celebrate the progress that I've made along the way. The whole team treats me like a professional athlete and they have pushed me to train harder than I ever had. They've helped me become stronger than I was before my injury. They're also very attentive and highly analytical — often teaching me how to analyze my own movements in order to perform rehab exercises more effectively. Everyone is super friendly and definitely makes every session truly enjoyable! Highly recommend!
Jacqueline L., ADPT by Cynergy

Every member of the ADPT team is professional and friendly. I have been working with Lindsay since August 2021 to recover after an Achilles tendon repair surgery. She is incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, and supportive. She is very detailed with tracking my progress and gives great feedback every session. I enjoy working with the entire ADPT team and highly recommend their services!
Hanna C., ADPT by Cynergy

Chivonne and the team here are incredible. In terms of the physical therapy itself, Chivonne is the best professional I've ever worked with (and I've had a lot of physical therapists!). She is knowledgeable, clear in her instruction, and just fun to be around! She provides very specific direction to ensure you're doing exercises properly; she educates you about your anatomy so you're not just memorizing exercises but also learning about your body and applying that knowledge to real life; she encourages you to reach your goals but is mindful of your limitations and never pushes you too hard; and she genuinely cares about your well-being. I actually look forward to our appointments because they are fun and produce real results. For instance, I had knee surgery 15 years ago, and although I recovered fully, I started having pain recently. Chivonne is whipping me into shape, and my knee hasn't felt this good since I was in my early twenties.The same goes for a shoulder injury I sustained last year. I feel physically stronger as well as more confident thanks to Chivonne's wonderful instruction and encouragement. In terms of the staff, everyone is attentive and accommodating. Shay, the Office Manager, is friendly and warm and always helpful with scheduling. She makes it really easy. The space is new and beautiful, not to mention clean and comfortable. It has a calm neighborhood vibe, which is a marked difference from other PT places in NYC. It's also in a great location, with lots of cafes and shops nearby. (I may or may not treat myself to ice cream after PT sessions.) You, your body, and your mind will be in great hands with Chivonne and her awesome team!
Katie K., Cobble Hill

Chivonne and the team were fantastic. I didn't have a diagnosis, but she figured out what was wrong straight away. In the space of just a few weeks, she had me as good as new. Chivonne seems to know what she's doing, plus she's a little ray of sunshine. All the reception staff are lovely too. Two thumbs up.
Aaron T., Cobble Hill

I’m a physician who came to Alvin Dike a month out of surgery for a torn labrum in my shoulder. I’d been getting PT at one of the more popular places in the city, but found that I was only getting 5-10 minutes with a therapist, and spent the rest of the time doing exercises on my own or with support staff, who weren’t able to manually work on increasing my range of motion. My surgeon told me that I was falling behind and that I was at risk of permanently losing mobility in my shoulder, so I started looking around. After telling Alvin my concerns (that I really needed hands-on mobilization while there and could do strength exercises on my own at home), he wasted no time and worked hard for the entirety of the sessions. This was a really painful process, but he was able to confidently distinguish between pain that was a necessary part of regaining mobility, and pain that would signify that damage was being done to the joint (which is what I was always worried about, as my surgeon colleagues don’t always spend much time educating patients on what to expect). He struck a good balance between knowing when to push me to work harder and knowing when to ease up, and after a few weeks, I was back on track (and eventually ahead of schedule). At this point, I can swim freestyle without limitations, and I can honestly say that this likely wouldn’t have been the case had I just stuck with the cheaper and more popular option. Overall, Alvin is hard-working, incredibly knowledgeable, and willing to adapt treatment plans to individual needs, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help recovering from an injury or surgery.
David L., ADPT by Cynergy

The folks at Cynergy are fantastic. Me and my sweetie have been going off & on for years, as needs arise. The drama of aging bodies can be daunting with the accompanying pains & sprains, but with Cynergy in our back pocket, we always know we can face our full & active lives with verve & confidence.
Heather C., Cynergy Midtown West

I can’t possibly say enough good things about the entire staff here at Cynergy PT. Shereen is the most knowledgeable and professional person I have worked with in this field. I am a former Division I soccer player, so I have worked with a few. I have now come here for both post nerve repair surgery in my hand and for pre/post ACL/meniscus surgery rehab. While the injuries have been challenging, I couldn’t think of a better staff to help see me through the recovery. I look forward to being back to 100% but will also miss this whole team! Thank you Shereen, Emily, and the whole Cynergy Chelsea staff!!
Mel Y., Cynergy Chelsea

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Midtown West

119 West 57th Street, Suite: 600
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Midtown East

485 Madison Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 980-2963

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ADPT By Cynergy

119 West 57th Street, Suite: 200
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Cobble Hill

165 Smith Street,
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