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Cynergy Upper Extremity Patient Testimonial; Dick Scanlan

Cynergy Physical Therapy Patient Testimonial; Nora Swidler

Cynergy Physical Therapy Patient Testimonial; Tom Flaherty

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We appreciate and value all feedback on our services. See what people are saying about us:
Cynergy PT is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 17 ratings.

“I’m a physician who came to Alvin Dike a month out of surgery for a torn labrum in my shoulder. I’d been getting PT at one of the more popular places in the city, but found that I was only getting 5-10 minutes with a therapist, and spent the rest of the time doing exercises on my own or with support staff, who weren’t able to manually work on increasing my range of motion. My surgeon told me that I was falling behind, and that I was at risk of permanently losing mobility in my shoulder, so I started looking around. After telling Alvin my concerns (that I really needed hands-on mobilization while there and could do strength exercises on my own at home), he wasted no time and worked hard for the entirety of the sessions. This was a really painful process, but he was able to confidently distinguish between pain that was a necessary part of regaining mobility, and pain which would signify that damage was being done to the joint (which is what I was always worried about, as my surgeon colleagues don’t always spend much time educating patients on what to expect). He struck a good balance between knowing when to push me to work harder and knowing when to ease up, and after a few weeks I was back on track (and eventually ahead of schedule). At this point I can swim freestyle without limitations, and I can honestly say that this likely wouldn’t have been the case had I just stuck with the cheaper and more popular option. Overall, Alvin is hard working, incredibly knowledgeable, willing to adapt treatment plans to individual needs, and I would definitely recommend him for anyone who needs help recovering from an injury or surgery.”
David L.Cynergy Grand Central

“Sarah is a godsend when it comes to therapists. I’ve been to physical therapists on and off for most of my adult life. The difference with Sarah is that she truly listens, and pays attention to how your body is responding to each activity. She knows when to push me, and when to hold back a bit, and I’ve seen results! The entire Cynergy experience is much more professional and knowledgeable than any other PT establishment I’ve tried. Excellent!”
Mark W.Cynergy Midtown West

“This place is honestly the best! I have a back issue and was originally going somewhere else for PT, let me tell you Cynergy is above and beyond anywhere I have been. First of all, the place is clean and bright, with the most lovely AND helpful front desk staff around. Not even worth naming names because every single person working there is wonderful and makes you feel comfortable and welcome. I work with Alexis, who specializes in SI joint issues (my problem) and she is nothing short of amazing. I’ve been seeing her twice a week since April and went from not even being able to even hold a purse or stand for more than a few minutes without excruciating pain and stiffness, to getting back to a normal routine with little to no pain and almost being able to run again. Basically this place and it’s employees are the absolute best and I cannot recommend them enough!”
Ariela A.Cynergy Midtown East

“Cynergy is #1 for physical therapy! I went last year for knee replacement strengthening and am now going for my painful foot and knee. My therapist, Kim, is impressive – friendly, gentle, focused, and skillful. She evaluated and analyzed my issues, then developed a custom plan just for me. Kim is also sharp and knowledgeable enough to know when and how to tweak my therapy to keep it on track with my progress or if other issues need work. I really appreciate the one-on-one attention in a clean, private room. Having experienced a physical therapy business in the past where I was left to my own devices on machines in a crowded studio while the therapist juggled at least 5 other people at the same time, Cynergy is PT heaven. An added plus is the always friendly and accommodating staff at the front desk. I have no reservations recommending Cynergy to anyone.”
Robin S.Cynergy Midtown West

“The folks at Cynergy are fantastic. Me and my sweetie have been going off & on for years, as needs arise. The drama of aging bodies can be daunting with the accompanying pains & sprains, but with Cynergy in our back pocket, we always know we can face our full & active lives with verve & confidence.”
Heather C.Cynergy Midtown West

“I can’t possibly say enough good things about the entire staff here at Cynergy PT. Shereen is the most knowledgeable and professional person I have worked with in this field. I am a former Division I soccer player, so I have worked with a few. I have now come here for both post nerve repair surgery in my hand and for pre/post ACL/meniscus surgery rehab. While the injuries have been challenging, I couldn’t think of a better staff to help see me through the recovery. I look forward to being back to 100% but will also miss this whole team! Thank you Shereen, Emily, and the whole Cynergy Chelsea staff!!”
Mel Y.Cynergy Chelsea

“Chivonne is amazing and I couldn’t provide a stronger recommendation for her. I’ve never been to PT and didn’t know what to expect but she answered my many questions and did so with a smile. What I liked about her approach is that she not only asks you to perform an exercise, but will take the time to explain what she’s doing and how it affects your body. As a former collegiate athlete and now an active marathon runner, I was very pleased. Chivonne would be an excellent choice for any current or former athletes who needs PT.”
Avery K.Cynergy Chelsea

“Christine is a magician! She has treated me after two substantial surgeries and helped me to get back on track. I have no doubt in mind that without her compassionate therapy, I wouldn’t be in the state I am today. The staff at Cynergy are excellent, highly professional, courteous and very accommodating.”
Viswanath T.Cynergy Midtown East

“I would like to start off by saying that I cannot say enough great things about Emily at Cynergy. She is a miracle worker. Working with Emily allowed me to return to doing something that brings me joy: walking without pain.”
Winter S.

“Emily is professional, attentive, knowledgeable, supportive, and very responsive to my questions and requests. I would highly recommend Cynergy and Emily. You will not be disappointed!”
Vinny A.

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Cobble Hill

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