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What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a full body method of conditioning that fosters a balance between mobility and stability, mindfulness and rigor, and is restorative yet strengthening. With its focus on core strength and stability, breathing, alignment, coordination, and balance, Pilates is an appropriate complement and progression to standard Physical Therapy for those recovering from low back pain, joint replacement, childbirth, postural syndromes, and overuse injuries to name a few.

Regardless of age, gender, size, level of fitness, or prior movement background, the Pilates Method offers a structured, safe movement experience with plenty of opportunity for challenge, progression and increased function. Many have credited an easier pre and post natal journey, injury reduction, longer athletic careers (dancers included), and a greater sense of well-being with consistent practice of the Pilates method.

Cynergy Physical Therapy’s Midtown East and Midtown West locations are equipped with the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and High Barrel.These are appropriate tools for those presenting with difficulty and/or pain with load bearing as they provide variable resistance/assistance in a multitude of positions.

Additionally, The Wellness Den by Cynergy is our latest integrative movement and wellness space in the heart of NYC, specializing in physical therapy, pelvic healthdance medicine, Pilates and Barre fitness. Read on to learn more.

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"I would like to start off by saying that I cannot say enough great things about Emily at Cynergy. She is a miracle worker. Working with Emily allowed me to return to doing something that brings me joy: walking without pain."

- Winter S., Cynergy Midtown West

"Emily is professional, attentive, knowledgeable, supportive, and very responsive to my questions and requests. I would highly recommend Cynergy and Emily. You will not be disappointed!"

- Vinny A., Cynergy Midtown West

"I would like to mention that the physical therapist I have enjoyed the longest is Emily Gayeski. She is smart, thorough, professional, and goes out of her way to make sure I understand the benefit from all the help she gives. I would highly recommend her."

- Rochelle K., Cynergy Midtown West

Emily first studied Pilates over 20 years ago while a young dancer in a conservatory program. When she moved to NYC, she pursued a Pilates teacher training program. What began as a second job to make ends meet during her dance career, blossomed into a love for the method, movement, and the community. The structure, eye for detail, knowledge of physics and biomechanics, and capacity for personal connection required of a Pilates instructor are what inspired Emily to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.

She studied under Kelly Kane at the Kane School of Core integration (now kinected), and was fortunate to work at Bodytonic in Park Slope, Brooklyn for 17 years with the owner, Jennifer Deluca, a 2nd generation Pilates master trained by Romana Kryzanowska. Emily, now a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, is delighted to offer Pilates sessions in addition to PT at Cynergy Physical Therapy.

The Wellness Den by Cynergy Physical Therapy

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The Wellness Den By Cynergy Physical Therapy strives to redefine what it means to be truly well, promoting a proactive and self-empowering approach to your health and wellness through movement. We strive to bridge the gap between physical therapy and performance training, safely guiding you back to group fitness classes.

When you’re done with your rehab, pop into one of our thoughtfully designed group Pilates Reformer and Barre classes created by our very own Dr. Laurence Agénor, PT, DPT, CSCS.

heal well. move well. live well.

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