Youth Athletic Development in NYC

Youth Athletic Development at ADPT by Cynergy

Our youth athletic development program provides a logical and evidence-based approach to the progressive development of physical performance in young athletes.

Our goal is to provide athletes with the fundamental skills that are needed to succeed and maximize performance in their respective sport. We have the ability to provide periodic and individualized programs that will develop strength, power and improve linear acceleration, multi-directional speed, footwork/agility, coordination, and endurance.

We aim to improve athletes’ athletic profiles and identify “red flags” or movement patterns that put athletes at risk. We will target weak links and implement corrective strategies through our physical therapy expertise that will improve movement efficiency, reduce injury risk and ultimately help them reach performance potential.

Youth Age Requirements: 10-18 years old

Youth Athletic Development - AT ADPT, We Treat Young Athletes with Various Orthopedic Conditions

"Rehab at ADPT helped my Osgood-Schlatter disease. I gained more muscle which is allowing me to succeed at the next level in basketball and helping with my flexibility on & off the court.

From working at ADPT I’ve learned that the little things matter and that you should always treat your body the right way before pushing to do anything else.

I've seen progress since the first day I came in and I've worked with great people who encourage me to do my best at all times."

- Cory B.

Keys to Successful, Long-term Youth Athletic Development:

  • Long-term athletic development programs should accommodate for the highly individualized and non-linear nature of the growth and development of youth.
  • Youth of all ages, abilities, and aspirations should engage in long-term athletic development programs that promote both physical fitness and psychosocial well-being.
  • All youth should be encouraged to enhance physical fitness from early childhood, with a primary focus on motor skills and muscular strength development.
  • Youth athletes should participate in physical activities that help reduce the risk of injury to ensure their ongoing participation in sport.
  • The youth athlete will be provided with a range of training modes to enhance both health and skill-related components of fitness.
  • The program of the youth athlete will be individualized, systematically, and pedagogically progressed for successful short and long-term athletic development.

Providers At ADPT By Cynergy:


Michael Lazara PT, DPT, CSCS, CFSC, C-PS
- Clinical Director

What People Say About Mike!

"Best in NY. Professional, Fun, intense, friendly, challenging, and effective. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for physio, injury rehab, or strength and conditioning. Very friendly and professional front desk and reception."

- Rami H.

Franceska Mia-Mona Règnier

Franceska Mia-Mona Règnier, PT, DPT

What People Say About Franceska!

"ADPT is by far the best PT establishment I’ve ever been to. As someone who is active and looking to return to sport after knee surgery, I wish I found them sooner. I’ve been working with Franceska and it’s been a great experience. I can tell I’m making real progress. The whole team is highly recommended as far as their expertise, plus it’s clear they’re passionate about what they do so they’re fun to spend time with."

- Austin W.

Luca Rua

Luciano Rua, PT, DPT, ATC

What People Say About Luciano!

"I started coming to ADPT for an athletic injury to the knee. I’ve been seeing Luca for about 3 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the treatment I’ve been receiving. It’s been an overall great experience for a first time physical therapy patient and I’d recommend anyone to go to ADPT and see Luca!"

- Lexi R.

Martel's Headshot

Martel Perry, PT, DPT

What People Say About Martel!

"ADPT by Cynergy is a facility that helps to build not only the strength and recovery needed to physically heal but also encourages the positive mental attitude it takes to push through the pain to fully rehabilitate. The therapists are engaged and work hard to map out a plan specifically for the individual's needs. Excellent!"

- Michelle G.

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