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YJ is originally from South Korea and began his academic career in the United States in 2010. As an international student, YJ was able to adapt himself to a new environment and connect with others through sports, especially as part of a football team from high school through college. He was inspired by the capability of the human body and was motivated to help his friends and family to develop the sustainability of physical health. He received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Long Island University - Brooklyn, and his Bachelor’s in Health Science from Franklin Pierce University. As a physical therapist, his interests include sports medicine, orthopedics, manual and visceral therapy, and a holistic approach.

During his physical therapy program, YJ learned how complex the human body is and how it requires a unique and individualized approach to reach a desired goal.

He believes physical therapy is a lifelong learning profession. YJ started taking continuing education courses in the first year of his program to improve his manual skills and develop optimal clinical reasoning without limiting his thought process to a single paradigm. He is working to become a Certified Functional Manual Therapist through the Institute of Physical Arts.

In his free time, YJ enjoys weight lifting, running, watching movies, and surfing. He can usually be found hanging out with his friends.

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