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Why do my knees hurt?

Having knees that hurt can make life miserable, and it can keep you from living your life as you should. You may be having trouble working, playing, and even resting. The structure and mechanics of the knees can be very complicated and delicate, but if you are having knee problems it could be because of one of …

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Preventing Injuries as a Musician

Musicians aren’t the first group of people you think of when you think of people who need physical or occupational therapy – you may think this kind of therapy is only for hard training, high performing athletes. But musicians can have injuries, too, from the repetitive stress of playing an instrument. Read on for ways …

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Professional male swimmer inside swimming pool.

The Benefits of Swimming

Are you a weekend warrior who takes exercise very seriously? If so, you know how hard all of that activity can be on the body. Swimming is a great way to give your body a break from high-intensity sports and it’s also a great way to help keep you in shape. Read on for all of …

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Woman receiving cupping treatment on back


If you were watching the Summer Olympics and you noticed what looked like round bruises on the U.S. swimmers, you probably wondered what those spots were. They were the result of a treatment known as cupping. We offer cupping at Cynergy Physical & Occupational Therapy. What Is Cupping? Clinically known as myofascial decompression, cupping is …

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Inflammation of Bursitis

In our bodies, bursa are little fluid-filled sacs whose job is to help cushion rubbing and friction between tissues. There are more than 100 bursae in your body. If you overuse a joint or put a ton of pressure on a joint, you can inflame the bursae. Now you have bursitis in that joint. At …

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