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Sarah Brooks


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Sarah Brooks, PT, DPT, earned her Doctoral Degree of Physical Therapy from Hunter College. While in her graduate program, she completed rotations in acute care and outpatient orthopedics, with specialties in pelvic floor rehabilitation and sports physical therapy.

Sarah has extensive experience in treating patients throughout the recovery process and those dealing with an array of musculoskeletal related conditions and impairments. She has specific training in treating those with pelvic floor dysfunction and has completed a variety of specialty courses through Herman and Wallace Institute. Additionally, she has experience treating athletes, especially runners, for various injuries. The interconnectedness of pelvic floor conditions and athletics is of particular interest to Sarah. She strives to support her patients and join them on their road towards recovery.

Prior to attending physical therapy school, Sarah earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Binghamton University. This foundation has only enriched her ability to treat patients holistically, with a focus on the mind-body connection. She often incorporates ideas she learned in college in cultivating ideal treatment plans. In addition to allowing her to treat the “whole” person, her background in psychology has cemented her focus on evidence-based practice and on using techniques proven to improve patient outcomes. Having attended physical therapy herself, she understands the therapeutic effects of movement and how it can help people return to the activities they love. These experiences enable her to become a better clinician as she is able to empathize and connect with those who are struggling with movement. She recognizes the dedication it takes to improve oneself and is passionate about helping each patient succeed in achieving their own individual goals.

Outside of the clinic, Sarah can be found spending time with her friends and family. She loves to be outdoors and will walk almost anywhere. She also loves art, hiking, taking Zumba classes, playing sports, and strength training at the gym.

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