ACL Injury Physical Therapy

Do You Need Physical Therapy for an ACL Injury?

If you have sustained a significant ACL injury, such as a tear, you could benefit from physical therapy. Without care, you may be able to walk or even run. However, if you need to pivot on the affected knee, it may give out or buckle. Working with a physical therapist, you can learn how to reduce the amount of stress that you put on your knee through modified movements. You may regain complete or near-complete range of motion, as well, by including physical therapy into your broader treatment plan.

An ACL injury doesn't have to severely limit your engagement in your favorite activities. At Cynergy Physical Therapy And Occupational Therapy in New York City and Brooklyn, we provide the care that you need to get back to your best life! Contact us today to schedule your visit at one of our five convenient locations.

What Can Physical Therapy Do For A Torn ACL?

When you seek care for an ACL injury, you can expect your physical therapist to conduct specific tests. They may also rely on information from your doctor, such as x-ray or imaging reports and their clinical notes, and will base their individualized treatment plan on this data. The way your physical therapist approaches your case may also depend on whether or not you will or have had surgery to repair the injured ACL.

Some of the modalities that a physical therapist may utilize during your sessions include muscle strengthening exercises, balance training, and gentle electrical stimulation to the quadriceps or other muscles around the knee. The sessions may focus at one point on decreasing your swelling and, at another point, on increasing your range of motion through specific stretching movements. Your physical therapist may include exercises that will help you bear weight on the injured knee without the aid of a cane or crutches. Your therapist may also fit you with a brace, if necessary, and teach you how to safely walk with the brace supporting your knee. As you regain motion and mobility, the intensity of your exercises will increase gradually until you have achieved the strength, flexibility, and stability that you need to return to your normal level of activity.

How Long Does Physical Therapy Take on an ACL?

Your course of physical therapy for your ACL injury may last as long as 12 weeks or potentially longer. Each case is unique and prescribed based on the severity of the injury, whether or not surgery is also taking place, and particulars related to your lifestyle. Throughout the process, your physical therapist will follow specific protocols that improve the flexibility, range of motion, and strength of the injured knee to the degree that is needed to restore your fullest capacity for physical activity.

When Should I Start Physical Therapy After a Knee Injury?

Your doctor may order at least a few physical therapy sessions soon after your knee injury. This can happen before surgery, if that is needed, to help reduce swelling and improve mobility ahead of time. Engaging in physical therapy before surgery can reduce the amount of time it takes to fully recover after a surgical ACL repair.

Is ACL Physical Therapy Painful?

Physical therapy can be uncomfortable as you make new strides in strength and range of motion. Trust that your physical therapist will discuss what is normal and what is too much in terms of discomfort. Your physical therapy sessions should never be painful. If you were to rate your discomfort level, it should be no more than a three out of 10. While some discomfort and soreness are a normal aspect of the rehabilitation process, your physical therapist also has modalities that work against these side effects. They may soothe your inflamed knee with ice after your sessions, apply ultrasound therapy, or recommend other ways to make sure that the work you put into your rehab is met with equally efficient comfort control.

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