Franceska Mia-Mona Régnier

Franceska Mia-Mona Règnier


Meditation and Mindfulness

Franceska’s love for movement began at the age of three when she danced at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City up until age 17. Throughout adolescence, she continued her passion for dance and integrated it into her participation in high school and collegiate - level sports. Franceska began her academic career at the University of Southern California as a Posse Scholar where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology. During her time at USC, Franceska played for the women’s basketball team and also worked as an assistant athletic trainer for the football, water polo, and track & field teams. Her participation in sport and dance inspired Franceska to pursue a career in Physical Therapy, particularly in the performance field.

An NYC native, Franceska received her acceptance to the Physical Therapy program at Columbia University where her time was well spent.

The curriculum provided Franceska with great skills and knowledge to treat a variety of injuries and conditions from neurology, pediatrics, sports, and orthopedics. Franceska completed research and drafted a conservative rehabilitation protocol with fellow faculty members on the conservative management of hip FAI. She spearheaded the Social Justice Coalition with a few other students in her class to generate awareness of systemic oppression, advocate for health equity, and increase cultural competence within the Columbia University DPT Program and the Physical Therapy profession. She also provided mentorship for the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP). Franceska worked in acute care at the University of Chicago Medicine in the summer of 2021 and completed her final rotation at ADPT by Cynergy, where she was offered a full-time position.

Franceska continues to embody what it means to be resilient and strives to empower and improve the function of those who perform in all activities and sports through quality and evidence - based care. In addition to being a Physical Therapist, Franceska loves to cook, travel and try new foods, shop for clothes and shoes, play competitive sports, especially basketball, and weight lift, and she enjoys working with kids!

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