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Martel fell in love with physical therapy as a senior in high school and never looked back. After graduating from Long Island University in Brooklyn with a BS in Health Science and a Minor in Sports Science, Martel worked with people with Parkinson’s and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. He then pursued and earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the Dominican University of New York (DUNY) in 2022 where he took an interest in movement analysis and regional interdependence.

Martel has experience coaching young adolescents in underprivileged neighborhoods in partnership with the NYPD. During his tenure at DUNY, Martel and his colleagues founded A.I.R. Initiative (Action, Inclusion, Respect) in 2020, where students can share personal experiences and build cultural competence within the local community.

In the summer of 2022, he completed training in boxing as an outlet for self-care and engagement in physical activity. He continues to play basketball every weekend at a local gym. These experiences solidified his additional interest in the athletic population. Instilling hope, motivation, and work ethic is something he holds close to his heart. Martel’s ideas of rehabilitation are that it’s enjoyable, collaborative, and rewarding.

Martel is currently a mentor to aspiring minority physical therapists, closely assisting them with the application process, resumes, and mock interviews. Giving back to his community is very important to him and he wishes to continue and grow in philanthropy. In his free time, he enjoys being a ‘foodie’, experimenting with different cuisines whether it be cooking or dining out. Martel also loves West-Indian culture and hopes to participate in annual carnivals in different Caribbean countries.

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