Criteria for Return To Play Following ACL Surgery

Physiotherapist examining patients knee in clinic After going through the pain and trauma of an ACL injury, it can be difficult to imagine that you’ll ever feel good enough to get back to your normal activities – and it can be almost impossible to imagine that you’ll ever get back to playing your favorite sport. However, with some expert help, some hard work, and some time, it is quite possible that you may return to your play. A functional movement screen can also help to let you know you are healed enough to get back on the field.

How are ACL injuries treated?

The treatment for an ACL injury often depends on the severity of the injury. Surgery is often required, but whether it is or not, physical therapy is an important part of the recovery process. Physical therapy can help improve mobility, reduce swelling, and, in the end, reduce the amount of time it takes for your knee to recover.

How do you know when you are ready to return to play?

Everyone is different, but generally between 9 and 12 months are needed for recovery and rehabilitation after ACL surgery. Your doctor can advise you if you’re about ready, of course, and you can also have a functional movement screen.

At Cynergy Physical and Occupational Therapy and ADPT by Cynergy, the functional movement screen is used to help evaluate patients for risk of injury and any kinds of movement that might be performance-limiting. The screen is not only used to make sure that those who have been injured are ready to get back to their sport of choice, but it can also be used for healthy, active individuals and also professional athletes to optimize their physical health.

A functional movement screen can help to identify any limitations you may have and can help to prevent injuries before they happen, and it can also help to give you the confidence to know that you are ready to get back to being active. For more information about functional movement screens or for questions about ACL physical therapy, call Cynergy Physical and Occupational Therapy and ADPT by Cynergy. Call for an appointment at one of the five locations in New York. Call (212) 974-7252 today!

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