Hit Your Peak: Maximum Athletic Performance With ADPT By Cynergy – Adult Athletic Development In New York City

Do you want to reach your peak performance? What do you consider Performance? Are you having trouble reaching your goals? Are you limited due to injury or is your training plateauing? If you are looking for long term athlete development in New York City, we are your option.

As an athlete, you want to be able to reach your peak performance and feel great doing it. Reaching your goals is important and the team at ADPT by Cynergy is here to help facilitate that.

In order to achieve these heights, you can’t afford to go it alone. You need a program that has been carefully designed to bring out performances that you didn’t even know you had. 

This is exactly what the team at  ADPT by Cynergycan do for you. Here’s how.


Alvin Dike, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, APDT the director of ADPT by Cynergy, created an elite performance system that uses both medicine/physical therapy with performance and training. It has been carefully developed by leading experts in both medicine and sports science to arrive at a comprehensive system that will get the most out of any athlete.

We offer Adult and Youth Athletic Development training and rehabilitation after post operative procedures, common injuries, and more! 

Our programs are designed for current and former athletes or active adults of all fitness levels looking to recover from injuries, increase strength, and break through fitness plateaus.


What makes ADPT so incredibly unique is that it has been built from the ground up by medical professionals as well as coaches. It takes an evidence based approach to achieving results and uses individualized programs to get the most out of the individual…so no cookie cutter PT programs here. 

Because it was pioneered by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, the program also has a strong emphasis on recovery and injury prevention. At ADPT by Cynergy, we aim to decrease pain, restore basic movement competency, improve strength, speed, and explosiveness through evidence based strength and conditioning and performance therapy. It’s all about pushing your boundaries in a safe way that won’t lead to injury risks. It’s the recognition that a program can’t be generic if it wants extraordinary results. Professional athletes have a team around them to support their work and help them push boundaries. ADPT is your personal team with its performance sports therapy approach.

To learn more about online sports performance training, check out Cynergy Physical Therapy!


The unparalleled ADPT program can help deliver results that are on par with the highest levels of professional athletics. This includes:

  • Improving strength, speed and jumping
  • Expanding mobility and flexibility
  • Recovering from injury faster with more resilience
  • Relieving pain
  • Optimizing movement and performance
  • Achieving new athletic heights regardless of age
  • Hitting your peak from home with cutting edge, online performance training


Peak performance isn’t something you reach with luck. It’s also virtually impossible to get there just by pushing your limits on your own. In order to reach the level of professional athletes, you need a professional approach. ADPT uses a medical science and evidence-based approach that will take you a level beyond what you thought was possible.

To learn more about optimal performance and physical therapies in New York City, check out Cynergy Physical Therapy!

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