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As an athlete, your work is never finished. No matter what stage of your career you’re at, you will always be going that extra mile to improve. Whether it’s shaving a few seconds off your time or adding a few extra pounds to your personal record, athletes always strive to be the best they can be. But part of pushing your body to the limit is knowing what your limits are so that you can train at your peak without risking injury. If this is something you care about then the ADPT by Cynergy program might just be perfect for you. Here’s what you need to know.


ADPT by Cynergy is a program that combines the very cutting edge of both medicine/physical therapy with performance and training. It provides young athletes with the opportunity to train with outstanding health care professionals so that they can achieve their potential. It emphasises physical training with education so that you can learn the proper way to improve your performance with a regimen backed by science.


ADPT provides a broad range of services designed to cover every aspect of performance from training, physical therapy, education and more.

Performance Therapy

This is all about creating an individualized physical therapy program using a team of doctors so that you can get off the sidelines and back onto the field as quickly and as healthily as possible.

Rehab Integration

Going hand in hand with performance therapy is rehab integration. This program involves rebuilding any fundamentals lost via injury, whether that’s strength, range of motion or proprioception.

Performance Enhancement 

This dedicated sports performance training program will help you maximize performance so that you can reach the next level.

Adult Athletic Development

This course is designed for adults to build a science-based development program individually tailored to your needs to help you improve performance across all areas.

Youth Athletic Development

Young athletes have very different bodies than adults and so this program is tailored to that. It uses medical science and evidence-based structure to help get the most out of young athletes.

To learn more about youth athletic development, check out Cynergy Physical Therapy.

Online Performance Training

Online training can be difficult to get right and our program has been carefully designed to get you past the potential hurdles of virtual PT sessions. We provide one-to-one virtual training and a full range of in-depth videos to show you exactly how to perform each and every exercise.


Optimum performance is where any aspiring athlete will always want to be. They want to take their game to the next level and make themselves stand out from the pack. They also want to push the limits of their bodies without causing injury or other long-term issues. If this is what you want, then ADPT by Cynergy is absolutely the right program for you.

To learn more about ADPT by Cynergy and long term athlete development in New York City, check out Cynergy Physical Therapy!

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