The Benefits of Swimming

Are you a weekend warrior who takes exercise very seriously? If so, you know how hard all of that activity can be on the body. Swimming is a great way to give your body a break from high-intensity sports and it’s also a great way to help keep you in shape. Read on for all of the benefits of swimming!

How swimming can help an athlete

Certain sports can mean a lot of high impact contact with the hard ground, which can mean a high risk of damage to your joints and muscles. Swimming can give you a break from this stress, as your body will only have to fight against the force of the water.

There are many other benefits of swimming, whether you are a serious athlete or not:

• It tones muscles and builds strength throughout the body, as swimming uses nearly all of your muscles.

• It can lower blood pressure and reduce body fat.

• It keeps your heart rate up.

• It builds endurance while improving balance, coordination, and flexibility.

• It can help you to stay at a healthy weight.

• If you have a medical condition or you’ve been injured, it is a good low-impact, low-stress way to get exercise (although you should always check with your doctor about doing any exercise if you’ve been injured or have medical issues).

• It can be a great stress reliever – think how calming the sound of water can be!

• It can be a great way for someone who is not athletic to get some exercise and to gain a feeling of accomplishment.

Giving a sport everything you’ve got can be hard on the body, but if you swim you can give your body a break while still getting a good workout. Besides, it is a fun way to exercise and it may provide just the break in routine that you need. Remember, though, if you have been noticing pain during exercise or at any other time, you should talk to your doctor before doing any new kind of exercise! If you need help managing pain, contact Cynergy PT for help. There are five locations in New York – call (212) 974-7252 for an appointment today!

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