The Youth Athletic Development Program at ADPT by Cynergy

Soccer teammates embracing while players clapping hands on victory..jpgYoung athletes want to give their all to their sport – but one little wrong move can result in an injury that can affect the rest of their lives. The Youth Athletic Development program is a way to teach the young athlete in your family how they can give their sport everything they’ve got in the safest way possible, while also teaching them how to use their bodies in the most effective manner while at play.

What Is the Youth Athletic Development Program?

The staff at ADPT by Cynergy knows how important playing sports is for children, both physically and mentally. Sports give kids the chance to develop motor skills, muscular strength, physical fitness, and important social skills. Kids should be encouraged from an early age to play a sport because there are so many benefits!

The goal of the Youth Athletic Development program is to help young athletes to be the best they can be, by giving them the skills they need to maximize their abilities. The program emphasizes perfecting the basics, such as strength, agility, coordination, and endurance. This not only helps the athlete no matter what sport they want to play, but it helps to ensure that they can play safely. And, they will learn important lessons for short-term improvement and skills for long-term development.

The experts at ADPT by Cynergy know what “red flags” to look for as the athlete moves, that is, patterns of movement that could result in injury. They can then suggest corrective strategies to not only prevent injury but also to help the athlete be more efficient in their movements and therefore more successful in their sport.

Your star athlete of the family probably feels like they are infallible, but as a parent you know that isn’t necessarily so. The Youth Athletic Development program at Cynergy Physical and Occupational Therapy can help your son or daughter to not only be a better athlete but also to learn to move in a way that protects them from injury. The program is open to athletes ages 10 to 18. Cynergy has five locations in New York – call (212) 974-7252 for a Youth Athletic Development program consultation today!

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