Benefits of Sports Performance Training

sports performance training Sports performance training is a great way to increase your athletic skills to reach your maximum skill potential.

Why You Should Consider Sports Performance Training with a Physical Therapist

Sports Performance Training can have many benefits for any athlete of any age and sport. From a customized plan and reducing the risk of an injury to increasing flexibility, here’s how this program may benefit you.

Customized Performance Plan

At ADPT by Cynergy, we have a three-step sports performance plan that develops an individual strategy for customized coaching. The three steps include:

  • Performance Assessment: First, an assessment is done to determine the athlete’s baseline and physical capabilities. This assessment is made by creating an athletic profile, a sports assessment based on the demands of the sports and position.
  • Individualized Programming: Next, we put together a program to target the athlete’s strength and power, movement capabilities, environmental conditions, cardiovascular requirements, and individualized injury profile risks associated with sports. We consider all of these factors to develop an integrated training program.
  • Customized Coaching: Our trainers understand that every athlete is different and not everyone learns the same way. That is why when putting together each individual athlete’s program, we incorporate the best way to coach them.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

Individualized exercise programs will strengthen your muscles and joints and make them prepared to withstand the intensity of sports. Conditioning can significantly decrease the likelihood of an injury happening on the field.

Increases Flexibility

The ability to be flexible is essential in sports performance. Regular training sessions will increase the mobility in your joints, improve your posture, improve performance, and decrease the risk of an injury.

Book Your Customized Sports Performance Training Plan 

Call our energetic, compassionate, and professional team of therapists and trainers at Cynergy in New York at 212-974-7252 to determine if a sports performance training program is right for you. In addition, Cynergy has an experienced team who provides physical therapy, hand therapy, performance sports physical therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, orthopedic and postoperative, and dance medicine.

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