Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy in NYC

Many people may not realize how numerous health conditions can be linked to their pelvic floor. Conditions such as bladder issues, abdominal pain, and even PCOS can all be traced back to the connection between the pelvic floor and the rest of your body. That’s why at Cynergy PT, our certified physical therapists, Dr. Laurence Agénor, Dr. Bridgit Shaefer, and Dr. Natalie Bravo are excited to offer patients the chance to improve the symptoms of all these conditions and more – through Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Pelvic floor therapy can consist of both internal and external manual therapy including trigger point release, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, and soft tissue mobilization. Therapy can be enhanced by the following modalities: ultrasound, biofeedback, electrical stimulation, cold laser, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Cynergy Physical Therapy in NYC has private treatment rooms to provide a safe, healing, and comfortable environment. Our therapists are adept at working with patients who may have experienced trauma relating to pelvic floor dysfunction and are sensitive to meeting a patient’s unique needs.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & Conditions

The pelvic floor is a set of muscles that supports your pelvic organs, such as the bladder and bowel. These muscles aid urinary control, continence, and sexual function. Both men and women can experience pelvic floor weakness. As with other muscles, exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor, enhancing bowel and bladder function. For people who experience pregnancy, pelvic floor exercises can lower your risk of vaginal prolapse, contribute to better bowel and bladder control, and improve recovery after childbirth.

How Can Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Help Me?

Pelvic floor physical therapy can address the following conditions: prenatal/postpartum care, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, vaginismus, vulvodynia, vestibulitis, pelvic girdle pain, incontinence, endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic organ prolapse, osteoporosis, SI joint dysfunction, low back pain, hip pain, coccyx pain, diastasis recti, and musculoskeletal injuries.

What to Expect During Your First Pelvic Health Visit in NYC

Your first pelvic floor appointment will start with an evaluation, including a conversation about your current symptoms, past medical history, and goals. Your therapist will explain each step of a full pelvic floor evaluation and will collaborate with you to create the most appropriate plan to evaluate and treat your pelvic floor. Your consent is essential and your pelvic therapist will tailor your session to meet your needs and comfort level.

Is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Good for Everyone?

Pelvic floor therapy isn't just for a select few—it's tailored to fit each individual's unique health circumstances, objectives, and requirements.

While pelvic floor therapy is generally inclusive, if you're undergoing another form of therapy, such as physical therapy for a leg injury or surgery, it might be advisable to prioritize healing those muscles first. This ensures that your body can provide optimal support for your pelvic floor muscles, paving the way for more effective treatment down the road.

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"If you’re looking for an excellent first rate PT I highly recommend Laurence at Cynergy. Her expertise, professionalism and kindness is unsurpassed! I made such progress under her care and I’m so grateful for her guidance. She’s the best!!"

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Our team of certified pelvic floor therapists is here to support you throughout your recovery! Book a consultation with us today to find out how pelvic floor therapy can improve your life.

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