Physical Therapy Techniques

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Physical therapy focuses on the health and well being of a patient. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or a New Yorker who needs to be walking around our great city, our therapists have the knowledge, experience and expertise with the tools needed to treat your complaint or impairment. We emphasize hands on therapy!

We work with ultra-Marathoners, triathletes and competitive cyclists as well as recreational athletes, dancers, actors, musicians and the New Yorker who wants to get out of pain.

Through a range of interventions and modalities, the physical therapists here at Cynergy Physical Therapy are highly trained orthopedic, manual therapists. We use manual therapy with each patient to help increase range of motion, increase tissue motility, decrease pain and return to function without pain.

Additionally, we have state of the art equipment such as laser and video gait analysis to allow us to help our patients attain their goals as soon as possible.

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