Hip Pain

The Hip

Consists of the pelvis, which connects the two femurs, as well as numerous muscles and ligaments that surround the joint and provide it with support.

Our hip joints afford us the stability we need when performing all of our activities of mobility, including walking, running, standing up, and climbing stairs.

That is why, when experiencing hip pain, it important to specifically locate where the pain is coming from in order to identify and treat its cause.

Hip Pain

That is localized in the front of the hip or the groin can involve strains or tendonitis of the hip flexors or adductor muscles, arthritic changes of the head of the femur or acetabulum (hip socket), a stress fracture of the femur, or a possible labral tear.

Pain coming from the outside of the hip can indicate bursitis – inflammation of a fluid-filled sac at the hip joint, or a tendonitis of the illio-tibial band that attaches from the hip to the knee.

In many cases, dysfunction of the lumbar spine can manifest as posterior hip and buttocks pain that can radiate down the leg when aggravated.

Pain in the lower back or buttocks can also be indicative of sacro-illiac joint dysfunction.

A hip labral tear can cause the patient to present with pain in different areas surrounding the hip, depending on the portion of the labrum that is torn. The labrum is a cartilaginous ring lining the acetabulum that deepens the socket and allows for a better alignment of the joint.

Hip Physical Therapy

In many cases will be indicated to treat a hip injury. Both the therapist and patient will work together to develop a plan that can include modalities, stretching exercises, and a personalized home exercise program that will strengthen the muscles of the hip while allowing the injured structures time to heal.

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