Rehab Integration

Using the foundations of strength, recovering athletes will move within the foundational athletic movement patterns at varying loads and speeds in order to prepare the athlete to return to their sport.

As the athlete moves into the final phase of the continuum, the athlete’s program will become more specific to the demands of their sport. The sport will have unique demands on multiple bodily systems, ranging from the cardiovascular system to the energy system requirements of each sport.

There will also be sport and position specific skills and motor patterns that the athlete will need to exude competency in before they return to competition.

Pain as a result of injury can affect movement and can lead to an athlete favoring the non-injured side long after acute symptoms are no longer present.

As an athletes is recovering from an injury, achieves full physical function, and begins sports specific drills, it is now time to determine a return to competition timeline.

The Adpt By Cynergy, 3-step, Return-to-competition Plan

Create The Plan

We work backward from the date we outline for an athlete to return to competition and set up milestones along the way.

This will give the athlete enough time to gradually increase the intensity, duration, and frequency of the activities.

This will also allow us to adjust the return to play date accordingly in the event that an athlete does not hit one of the milestones.

Coordination Of Care

There will be constant communication between all the parties involved.

We will communicate with your head coach, medical personal, family, and the athlete to frequently update them with reasons for any decisions that is made that might affect the timeline to return to competition.

Stick To The Plan

The athlete is the priority!

The athlete will be progressed or regressed along the continuum according to the progress that is being made.

Building robust athletes, brick by brick!

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