Comprehensive Guide to TMJ/TMD Physical Therapy

TMJ Dealing with TMJ pain can be excruciating and profoundly disruptive. It affects not only your jaw, making talking and chewing painful, but it can also lead to severe headaches and migraines.

Understanding TMJ and TMD

When TMJ pain causes significant dysfunction, it’s known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Surprisingly, research indicates that over 50 percent of TMD patients can find relief through conservative, minimally invasive, or entirely non-invasive treatments, despite the severity of their pain.

What Triggers TMD?

TMD can stem from various factors, including injuries, biomechanical defects, continuous strain, and habits like teeth grinding. Often, TMD results from excessive tension and tightness in the jaw muscles, either due to overuse or muscle strength imbalances.

The Role of Physical Therapy in TMD Treatment

Physical therapy offers a holistic approach to addressing TMD and TMJ pain. Specialized exercises can strengthen potentially weak muscles and alleviate muscle tightness in the jaw. This approach not only reduces TMD-related pain but also corrects bite and jaw alignment issues, providing much-needed relief from TMJ pain.

Why Choose Cynergy PT for TMJ Pain in New York, NY

While any physical therapist can prescribe exercises for TMD, it takes experienced and knowledgeable professionals to provide treatments tailored to your unique condition. At Cynergy Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, our TMD/TMJ therapists conduct comprehensive screenings, testing reflexes, pain thresholds, jaw mobility, and secondary symptoms like headaches. We provide a customized treatment plan based on the findings and guide you through milestones in your TMD treatment to ensure you stay on track to pain relief.

Find Relief at Cynergy PT

With six convenient locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York, NY, TMD pain relief is nearby with Cynergy PT.

To schedule an appointment, contact Cynergy at any of the following locations:

  • Midtown West: (212) 974-7252
  • Midtown East: (212) 980-2963
  • Chelsea: (212) 255-8080
  • Cobble Hill: (718) 795-2744
  • The Wellness Den by Cynergy: (212) 292-7117
  • ADPT By Cynergy: (212) 292-7145

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