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Meet our movement enthusiast, Luke Manjooran, who is a New York Licensed Physical Therapist. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Luke moved to New Jersey with his family in his early teenage years, where his passion for the field of physical therapy began.

Luke's passion for helping others achieve their optimal health and function is rooted in his upbringing as a competitive athlete. Growing up playing basketball and volleyball, Luke developed an early appreciation of the human body’s capabilities. His passion for movement further flourished when he discovered the transformative power of exercise.

Luke completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Connecticut and attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Seton Hall University, building a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise.

His career at Cynergy started during his final clinical affiliation as a student and he was eagerly welcomed as a full-time physical therapist upon graduation.

His deep understanding of the human body and its intricate mechanisms allows him to approach each patient with a holistic perspective, considering the complex interplay of various systems. With a focus on holistic wellness, Luke strives to create an encouraging environment where patients can feel empowered in taking an active role in their recovery. With his commitment to ongoing education and staying at the forefront of industry advancements, Luke proves that he is not only dedicated to healing but also empowering his patients to reach their full potential, both in and out of the clinic.

In his free time, Luke enjoys playing with his lovable goldendoodle, Casper, exploring new cuisines, and traveling the world with his friends and family.

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